Across the ocean…

In about twelve and a half hours I should be on my way to JFK to board my 7:30 PM flight to Rome, Italy for my 5-week program in a tiny little town called Pisciotta. I still have not finished packing, I cannot remember the last time I was this jittery, and I do not think that I could sleep even if I wanted to.

Right now, everything seems so surreal because I have had so many major bumps along the way.

  • Not having a proper up-to-date birth certificate
  • Waiting over a month for my new-and-improved birth certificate
  • Not having enough identification for my passport
  • Waiting over a month for my passport
  • Scheduling a visa appointment
  • Getting denied at the Italian Consulate because the school messed up dates
  • Trying to reach the embassy again
  • Not getting my visa until the day before my flight (my flight is scheduled for 27 June 2012… I got my visa through a lucky-break and some connections on 26 June 2012)

Because of everything that has happened, I did not thing that I would be able to go on my summer program. So, now that it is actually happening, I am in complete disbelief. I think when I arrive at the airport in Rome, it will actually sink in. I know for sure that I will be overwhelmed, I will still be stressing about finances since I’m financially independent (a.k.a. broke), but going to Italy has been a life-long dream of mine, and I know that I will make the most out of it.

I’m not sure how often I will have a decent connection to the internet because I will be in such a little town in the south, but when I am connected I will try to update this blog as often as possible with my adventures in Italy and possibly elsewhere.

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