La vecchia…

When my roommates and I got to Pisciotta, we were lucky to have one of the best apartments that there was. We then found out that our neighbor who lived below us was the most adorable old lady ever. The first day that we got there and we were unpacking, we head our doorbell ring. We opened the door, and there was a little old lady standing there with a bowl of pears and apricots. She spoke in a thick dialect, but I was able to understand most of what she was saying. She was giving us fruit because we’re new neighbors and she told us that her name was Rosa. Every few days of so, she would come back and give us eggs, or pears, or apricots. She was the best. One day, we were trying to cook, but weren’t sure how to turn on the stove. So, I went down  to her apartment and asked her for help. She came up, showed us, and then did a little celebratory dance with us when she lit the stove. Whenever she was outside, she’d talk to us in her dialect, ask us about the sea, tell us about her life, sing, dance… We couldn’t get enough of her! Sometimes, in the morning, we would hear her cooing at the mourning doves that were outside. She’s definitely a one in a million person, and I wish I could take her with me. She’d make the best little old neighbor. Without a doubt, one of my favorite people that I met in Pisciotta.


Author: Una Vagabonda

ESL teacher in Istanbul. TEFL certified and FTCE Elementary K-6 certified. I absolutely love to teach and to be around children. They always know how to put a smile on your face. Majored in Italian Studies, minoring in Religious Studies focusing on the Middle East. Studied abroad in a little town in Italy called Pisciotta this summer. Best time of my life. Studied Urbino, the town where Rafaello was born, for a fall semester. Learning Turkish. I’m having severe cravings for Long Island bagels and Chinese food.

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