I pomodori…

So, this morning at breakfast my boyfriend’s mom was saying something about tomatoes and I suddenly had a flashback to one of the first mornings in Pisciotta. We were all getting ready to go to class and we could hear something being announced on a loud speaker throughout the town. We were all a bit confused because none of us could really understand what was being said; most of the students didn’t speak Italian yet and the loudspeaker wasn’t clear. We went to class and our professor explained to us that it was actually a guy driving around in his truck selling tomatoes. This happened every week. And they wouldn’t just be selling tomatoes, they’d go around selling garlic and onions too. Just imagine, a whole truck of garlic… Can’t you just imagine the aroma? How strong it was? I absolutely loved it. I’m certainly going to miss all of the fresh food from Pisciotta when I get back to the states. I swore to myself that I’ll only be buying fresh and organic food when I go back even if it does cost an arm and a leg. So, I pay a little bit more? What do I get in return for that? A healthy body. I think it’s worth it.

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