Un giorno tipico a Pisciotta…

Wake up at 7:30, shower, wake the others up, have some juice, slump out the door to theater class at 8:30. Try to act my best during theater class but not really be able to since I’m barely awake. Class ends at 10:00, head up to the piazza and go straight Bar Germania to get a chocolate cornetto and a peach iced tea, sometimes a double espresso as well, help out the others order what they want in Italian, chat up the owners since they too are Juventus fans, sit outside, go online, grab another cornetto, run back to Advanced Italian at 10:30. Struggle my way through Italian because the class was not split up properly and we spoke to much English out of the classroom. Get out of class at 12:30, run down to the apartment, and run back into town with Jenn before the stores closed at 13:00 so we could get what we needed for lunch and dinner. Do homework and study, make lunch for the girls, smell like garlic, drink wine, eat lunch, drink wine, get ready for the beach, try not to die while walking down the mountain to the beach, get to the beach, get comfy in the sand, get way to hot, cool off with the others, bake a bit more in the sand, nod off, have a gelato, climb back up the death mountain, shower again, make dinner, smell like garlic and basil, drink wine, eat dinner, drink wine, go to the piazza and skype my boyfriend and family, have another cornetto, go back to the apartment, write a bit, pass out around 00:30-1:00. Do it all over again the next day.

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