Getting to Urbino…

Well, I left Turkey early in the morning of the 16th, and I arrived at Bologna airport that day around 11. The events that should have taken place:

  1. Leave Istanbul
  2. Arrive in Rome
  3. Transfer to get to Bologna
  4. Get to Bologna
  5. Go to Urbino

Events that actually transpired:

  1. Leave a bunch of books and stuff with my boyfriend in Istanbul because my carry-on was too heavy even though it weighed the same as it did when I came to Istanbul.
  2. Leave Istanbul
  3. Arrive in Rome
  4. Wait in line forever to get through the security
  5. Get on flight
  6. Flight is delayed an hour while I’m on it due to a missing passenger
  7. Leave Rome
  8. Arrive in Bologna
  9. Go to collect my luggage
  10. Luggage isn’t there
  11. Luggage is still in Rome
  12. Wait 5 hours until the next flight from Rome comes in
  13. Collect my luggage
  14. Finally arrive in Urbino

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