Torino next week!

A week from today I’ll be venturing to Torino with my friend Katherine for my birthday.
And, since my heart bleeds black and white, we will be at the Juventus – Napoli match.
I wouldn’t doubt if I won’t be able to talk the next day from all the screaming I plan on doing at the match.

This will be my second time seeing Juventus play, but my first time seeing them play in Italy and in the Juventus stadium. I went to a match last year with my best friend Katherine in New York when they played Club America. What a day that was! I was able to see Del Piero play before he left. I wish he’d somehow miraculously show up at the match next week. I mean, it is an important match after all. The two top teams in Serie A clashing? I don’t care if I get the shittiest tickets, I’m going.

This week needs to fly by please and thank you.

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