Heading to Torino the weekend of the first, with or without people. I’ve been here for months and still have yet to go there. I feel that as a Juventina, I am required to do so, and since my school gives us an allowance for travelling I might as well do it. I feel that going on my own would be quite the interesting and rewarding experience. I am a bit of a loner to begin with, but I’ve only ever done things in groups. I feel that on my own I’d be able to do more of what I want and not have to worry about the other falling behind or wanting to go to places that I’m not that interested in. Plus, if I do end up going with a few people, my trip will have to be shorter because the others don’t get the little bit of allowance that I receive. If I go, I’d like to leave late Friday night and arrive early Saturday morning, wander around Torino in the morning hours when it’s deserted, have an espresso or two and a cornetto, find my way to the hotel I’d be staying at, drop off what I need to, wander around a bit more, head over to Juventus Stadium, try not to buy everything in the giant Juventus store, go to the game, lose my voice at the game, cry tears of joy, make my way back to the hotel, sleep, wander all of Torino the next day, and finally head back to Urbino Monday morning. If I go with others, I don’t think it’d pan out like that, and they would want to leave early Sunday morning instead. I feel that Torino is a city that I need more than half a day to see. Especially in December! It just looks like the perfect Christmas / winter city! I want to go! I need to go! I will go! Torino, I’m coming!

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