La cucina…

Here in the student residential dorm of Tridente, each block has its own kitchen. In each kitchen, we are provided with a table, a few chairs (the chairs are typically from each person’s personal dorm room), a small fridge that can barely contain our belongings, a stovetop with just two burners, and a sink. There are a few of us in the block who like to keep the kitchen clean because, after all, it is the place that we cook and eat. There are however a couple of people in our block who use the kitchen and who do not clean up. They think that they can just use the kitchen for whatever they please, and the next morning, those who actually need to use the kitchen will be so disgusted that they’ll just clean up the mess; normally, they are in this thinking. They use the pots, pans, plates, cups, and utensils that are not theirs, but what is worse is that they fry potatoes at least every other night, leaving the burners and surrounding area of the countertop saturated in oiland all of the dirty pots, pans, plates, and utensils in the sink. This is not only unsanitary and disgusting, but it is extremely unsafe! How can someone in their right mind leave a stovetop covered in frying oil? How? I do not care how drunk these people are, they should clean up their mess. Try to be somewhat respectful of those who you live with and who need to use the kitchen every day. My one friend and I cook every day for lunch and dinner and waking up to these messes is just becoming tiresome. To top it all off, the sink is now clogged because they do not use the stopper when they put stuff in the sink. We’ve asked them to clean up their messes, but they do nothing. We’ve reported them, but there is apparently nothing that can be done about their piggish behavior. When we reported them the people in charge just said, “We all know who it is, but there is nothing that we can do about it.” It’s true though. It is only ever a certain group of people here in Urbino who are causing all of the trouble.  They are the ones who are constantly drinking and partying every day and night of the week, which is disturbing to those who are trying to study, or to those who are trying to sleep. They create mayhemImage wherever they go. They are up all hours of the night and are never quiet. They will come back at four in the morning and somehow decide that drunkenly frying up some eggs is a good idea, thus creating even more of a mess for others to clean up. It is simply out of control, and, at this point, I wonder why Urbino allows them to  come back every year, since they have the same problems with this particular group of Erasmus students each time that they come. If this kind of behavior were to occur at my home school in New Paltz, these students would be, at minimum, fined, warned, and locked out of the kitchen. But here? Apparently, there is nothing that they can do. To say that is frustrating beyond belief would not even begin to express my feelings on this matter.  Just one more month… one more month…

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