I’ve made up my mind.

I am dead set on teaching English abroad, Turkey being the top contender at the moment. This summer I will receive my TEFL certificate, but before that I must register for the 120 hour course plus the additional 50 hour Business English course or Teaching English to Young Learners course. I would personally prefer the Young Learners course, but I know that the Business English will be much more advantageous in trying to secure a job in another country. I will have my Bachelor’s soon enough, and I can start on this. 




Author: Una Vagabonda

ESL teacher in Istanbul. TEFL certified and FTCE Elementary K-6 certified. I absolutely love to teach and to be around children. They always know how to put a smile on your face. Majored in Italian Studies, minoring in Religious Studies focusing on the Middle East. Studied abroad in a little town in Italy called Pisciotta this summer. Best time of my life. Studied Urbino, the town where Rafaello was born, for a fall semester. Learning Turkish. I’m having severe cravings for Long Island bagels and Chinese food.

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