Making progress…

Now that finals and graduation are out of the way, I have been able to make some headway on my TEFL units. I have just finished Unit 7 and I am waiting on Unit 8 to arrive, which means that I am 35% done since there are 20 units altogether. It may not seem like much, but on days that I am not working at my new waitressing job in town, I can sometimes power through these lessons. The company only allows two units per day, but they do this so the student can let the lessons sink in. I would have to say that having studied a variety of languages in the past is actually helping me through some of these units. Because I have had a few years of different language courses, it is easy for me to pick up and learn the tenses since I have heard and worked with these terms so many times before.  The same goes with lesson planning; I know what activities work for me and which ones do not. The tutor who goes over my units has been giving me very nice remarks on the work that I have done. Well, now I must wait for the next units to arrive. Perhaps I should study some Turkish in the meantime since it’s been awhile.

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