Welcome Back!
Some door decorations…

The school year starts tomorrow here in İstanbul. My co-teacher and I finished decorating the classroom at the end of last week. We had to stay late to finish, but luckily we both live very close to school so it was fine by us. We now have a very colorful and slightly Minion themed classroom. We’re excited and nervous for the year to begin, but I’m glad it’s finally starting!

PYP Learner Profiles

Author: Una Vagabonda

ESL teacher in Istanbul. TEFL certified and FTCE Elementary K-6 certified. I absolutely love to teach and to be around children. They always know how to put a smile on your face. Majored in Italian Studies, minoring in Religious Studies focusing on the Middle East. Studied abroad in a little town in Italy called Pisciotta this summer. Best time of my life. Studied Urbino, the town where Rafaello was born, for a fall semester. Learning Turkish. I’m having severe cravings for Long Island bagels and Chinese food.

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