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Listening to Lou Monte makes me feel an overload of emotions. Nostalgia…happiness…sadness… This music reminds me of my childhood growing up with my grandmother, so therefore it makes me happy, but thinking of my grandmother makes me very sad to say the least. The same happens with Christmas music. Or with certain smells. Sensory memories are the strongest. They can be great at times, but right now it’s just frustrating because I just want to listen to my music and enjoy it. It’s hard enough being away from home and family, especially around the holidays. When you add in these sensory memories, and it’s even harder. Not to mention it’s that time of year when it gets grey, dreary,rainy, and depressing in İstanbul.


  1. Yes, it can definitely be tough, and I can relate to how certain things remind you of them. There are times when I think I smell something that reminds me so much of my grandparents house in Beach Lake. Being away from family is hard, and thinking about these things can be even harder, but somewhere in the memory which makes you feel sad, is a deep sense of love and caring. Focus on that, and let the sadness come and go… 🙂


    1. Good advice. I definitely try to focus on the happy times and good memories. It’s just harder at the moment because I’m so far from home. It’s easier to handle when you deal with it with family around you. This is my 3rd Christmas away from home (all the way in Istanbul) and it’s just hitting me a bit harder this time.


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